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Experienced Legal Advocacy For Injured Delivery Workers In Florida

While attorneys can often sympathize with what their clients have been through, they typically don’t have personal experience with it. When it comes to delivery driver injuries, I do. I am attorney Michael Keough, and before going to law school, I worked for seven years as a delivery driver for United Parcel Service (UPS). I know how hard this job is on the body, and my time with UPS ended after a severe knee injury.

The money I got from my workers’ compensation settlement ultimately helped me pay for law school, and my firm, the Law Office of Michael T. Keough, is fully dedicated to helping workers through the complex and often frustrating workers’ compensation system in Florida. I can help you, too.

The Hazards Of Delivery Work Are Numerous

There is no shortage of ways to get hurt while working as a delivery driver. Some of the most common include:

  • Being involved in an auto accident while driving your route
  • Constant lifting and bending that put you at risk for back injuries and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Dangerous warehouse conditions and accidents that occur while loading cargo
  • Dangerous conditions at delivery destinations (such as homes and apartments), including uneven surfaces, poorly lit stairways, aggressive dogs and more
  • Weather-related auto accidents and on-the-job injuries
  • Assaults stemming from criminal activity (such as someone trying to rob the truck)

Your injuries can be acute (caused by a single workplace accident) or cumulative (caused by months or years of repetitive motions and strain). In either case, I will work tirelessly to help you prove that your injuries were work-related and compensable (deserving of benefits).

Overcoming A Common Obstacle: Employee Misclassification

We now live in a “gig economy,” where businesses want to classify all or most workers as independent contractors rather than full employees. They do this to save money in the form of benefits that independent contractors usually aren’t entitled to, including workers’ compensation.

This has been a problem in the delivery industry for years, and full employees are often misclassified as independent contractors. If you were hurt on the job, I can investigate your job status to determine if you actually do qualify for benefits, and if so, I will help you file a claim.

You May Have Additional Legal Options

In Florida, you typically cannot sue your employer for a workplace accident, as workers’ compensation is supposed to be the “exclusive remedy” for your injuries. However, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against a third party (other than your employer or a coworker) who was responsible for your injuries.

As a delivery driver, you may be able to bring a third-party liability claim against a negligent driver who caused a car accident or a delivery recipient who had an unreasonably dangerous hazard on their property. I can help you explore this option in addition to guiding you through the workers’ compensation process.

Discuss Your Legal Options In A Free Consultation

Based in New Port Richey, the Law Office of Michael T. Keough serves Pasco County and surrounding areas of Florida. To schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney who listens and cares, call me today at 727-435-8716 or reach out online.