Guiding The Injured
Through The Workers’ Compensation Process For Over 25 Years

I am attorney Michael Keough. After suffering an on-the-job injury and going through the workers’ compensation claims process myself, I decided to go to law school so I could help others navigate the process.

Serving Injured Workers Throughout The Bay Area For Over 25 Years

Simplifying The Complex Workers’ Compensations Claims Process

I understand how intimidating and complicated the process of filing a claim can seem. For many of my clients, I am the first attorney they have ever spoken to. I make sure that they understand exactly what’s going on and I always take the time to make sure that they’re comfortable with what’s happening. My role is to be an advocate and facilitator who helps clients to obtain the worker’s compensation benefits they are entitled to. Some of which, my clients may not even be aware that they are entitled to.

Photo of Michael Thomas Keough
Photo of Michael Thomas Keough

My Commitment To All Of My Clients

Before I launched my own legal practice, I worked for a bigger firm. Many large firms have a business model to maximize profits by serving as many clients as possible, as quickly as possible. At The Law Office of Michael T. Keough, I believe in quality over quantity. Every case is handled exclusively by me, not an associate or a legal assistant. I limit my caseload so that I can give every client my undivided attention. I believe that only by giving each client my personal attention can we achieve the best possible outcome.

Helping You Get Fair Compensation For Your Injury


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