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What My Peers Say About Me

I have had the pleasure of knowing Attorney Keough for many years. He is trustworthy & dedicated to getting results for his client. I would highly recommend anyone who needs legal assistance for a workers’ compensation matter to call only Attorney Michael Keough.

Mike is one of the best workers’ compensation attorneys in the State of Florida. Although I am considered a competitor I have the utmost respect for his ethics and legal ability.

Attorney Keough is a superbly skilled and ethical attorney.

I have litigated against Michael for well over a decade and he has a great ability to manage a case and represent his client to the highest standard.

Mike is very professional and ethical. A worthy opponent I have litigated against many times who knows the law well and does a good job for his clients.

What My Clients Are Saying About Me

Mr. Keough worked through the forest of paperwork and roadblocks in my case and prevailed long after I myself had dropped the ball. Don’t let the soft-spoken demeanor fool you, the guy’s a bulldog when it counts.

Mr. Keough took on my workers’ comp case when I was uncertain of doing so, and within 8 months my case was settled with much professional care and with great results, would and do highly recommend him to anyone who is going through a workers’ comp issue!

Attorney Keough was very helpful and understanding of my situation. Any questions my wife or I had were answered professionally. Michael was so approachable with any concerns regarding my case. I recommend Attorney Keough for any injury case that someone needs.

Mr. Keough’s vast experience in handling Workers’ Compensation cases really showed in how he negotiated and structured my workers’ comp. settlement agreement. Both he and his paralegal , Lisa kept me at ease throughout. I highly recommend Mr. Keough and his staff to anyone looking for competent representation.

Attorney Keough was great to deal with. His staff was also responsive and professional. I would highly recommend you consult with Attorney Keough before signing with another attorney.

Mr. Keough was very knowledgeable and took care of all the details related to a Workers’ Comp case that I hired him for. He got me a settlement with very little work to do on my part and I would definitely hire him again!

Mr. Keough handled a workers’ compensation case for me and I am very pleased with the outcome. Mr. Keough is very knowledgeable in this area and I found him to be very respectful, honest and hardworking, Lisa, his paralegal is extremely helpful and could not be nicer.

Mr. Keough and his staff were very knowledgeable and communicated well in the Workers’ Comp case that I hired him for. It was a pleasure to work with them on the settlement and handling of my case. I would sincerely recommend him to anyone!!

Attorney Keough and his wonderful assistant are the best! My case was never rushed and he treated me like family. Mike truly cares about his clients and their health. Current circumstances were always discussed before any decisions were made and without any pressure from him. I highly recommend you to hire Mike Keough if you have been hurt on the job!

Mike and his staff were incredibly professional and genuinely considerate of my issues throughout my workers’ comp case. Always prompt to return my calls. I had never gone through anything like this before and was just plain scared to death about what had happened to me and how dramatically my life changed overnight. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what the outcome would but he handled everything impeccably! He was upfront and extremely knowledgeable, telling what was to be expected & he was spot on! I always felt comfortable either speaking with him or Lisa, and my case was settled in no time. If I ever need for a lawyer or legal advice in the future, I’ll be calling Mike Keough! Thank you for everything!!

Mike Keough did some great work for me! I never felt like I was just a file or he was distracted. My workers’ comp case was handled in a timely fashion. Lisa kept me updated as well. Do yourself a favor. Don’t waste your TIME with huge advertising gurus..in the end, you know “they” still have no idea who you are or what your needs are.

I hired Mr. Keough to help me with my workers’ comp case. Not only did he help me to understand all that was going on, he was true to his word. He is honest and we trust him with our whole hearts! We got a great settlement and couldn’t be happier with the service and knowledge provided throughout our workers’ comp case.

The Michael T. Keough Law Firm not only won my case, but they kept me well informed throughout the proceedings! I never had to wonder where my workers’ compensation case was going! I would definitely recommend his firm to anyone needing an attorney.

Michael and Lisa at the Law Office of Michael T. Keough were very professional. Anytime we sent an email or made a phone call, we received a prompt response. They were quick to process any issues we had with the workers’ comp carrier and made the whole process very smooth. I highly recommend them.

It was a pleasure working with Mike Keough and his awesome secretary, Lisa. He was very professional and thorough explaining step by step, detail by detail, what to expect with the process of my workers’ compensation claim. We appreciated all the calls to keep us updated. Thank you so much for everything!

I am a nurse and was injured at work. Mr. Keough advocated my case consistently throughout with integrity and professionalism. He handled my workers’ comp case personally and guided me through out the process. I would recommend his family run firm any day to anyone who is in need of a caring attorney.

Mike Keough and his wife Lisa are great people. They treated me with respect from day one. Every time I had a question, he returned my call and answered any questions I had. He is extremely knowledgeable. When meeting in person he made me feel very comfortable and I felt more like a friend than a client. I highly recommend Mike Keough to anyone. Thank you for representing me in my workers’ compensation case and for treating me with nothing but respect!

When I first contacted Mike Keough, both he and Lisa were very personable and professional. I hired Mike for my workers’ compensation case and I received the personal attention that seems lacking from most big law firms. Mike’s vast experience achieved great results in my case. I could not be happier and highly recommend Mike Keough to anyone.

Michael and his wife, Lisa have been everything I could have asked for regarding follow up and helping me through my workers’ comp case. Classy people!

Working with Mike and Lisa Keough was excellent! They were very understanding and on top of things during my workers’ compensation case. I would highly recommend if you need a workers’ comp attorney!

Both Michael and Lisa were professional and on the job. Anytime we sent an email or made a phone call, we received immediate assistance. They made the whole process of my workers’ compensation claim run very smooth. I would highly recommend them.

Mike and Lisa Keough were very friendly and professional from the start. I hired Mike because of this along with his experience and personal attention. He helped me through the entire workers’ comp case and got me fantastic results. I could not have hired a better attorney and I highly recommend Mike Keough for anyone with a work injury.

Attorney Keough was honest every step of the way throughout my workers’ compensation case. He is very knowledgeable and my husband and I trust him completely.

Working with Attorney Keough was the best choice I made! From beginning to end he and his assistant, Lisa were on top of things. He worked out the best case scenario for my workers’ comp case. I would like to thank them for doing all they did for me.

I was very pleased working with this lawyer. He was easy to talk to and he made things very easy to understand. He was always easy to get a hold of and was very knowledgeable. He made you feel comfortable and if he was unavailable that day, he would get back with you right away. I recommend Mike Keough if you get hurt at work.

Mike Keough is a very professional and pleasant attorney. He could not have been any easier to work with and delivered great results for my work comp case. I can give Mike my highest recommendation!

Mr. Keough and his assistant are very kind…they did their part, from the very beginning. They kept me posted on everything that was happening during my workers’ compensation case. They diligently worked for me. They had time to answer all my questions, every time and at any time I needed them, they were there for me.

I highly recommend Attorney Keough. He was professional and honest from the beginning to the end. Also his assistant kept me updated of any new occurrences and prepared me for any court dates or paperwork I needed to do. It has been a pleasure knowing them. I highly recommend seeking Mike’s help if you get hurt at work.

Working with Mr. Keough and Lisa was a pleasure during a very difficult time. Very prompt and courteous during my workers’ compensation case!

I was very please with Attorney Keough and with the work completed during my workers comp claim. Thanks again!

​There are no words to describe how relieved I was to hire Attorney Keough. He handled everything during my workers’ compensation case and reached a good settlement.